Black Jumbo Raisin


Black Jumbo Raisin :

Definition : Black Raisins are also known as “ dried grapes”. You
make a perfect low-calorie snack just you fulfill two
tablespoons of black raisins as one fruit. Black Dried
raisins is produced by drying the fruit in full sun with a
dark brown color.
Description: Black raisins are a type of dried grapes. They are
commonly eaten alone by hand, mixed into foods like
oatmeal, granola bars, and chutneys and used in cakes,
pies, and other baked goods.
Benefit : Fight against Bad Cholesterol:
No cholesterol is found in black raisins. Instead, it leads
to curbing the adverse effects of the LDL or ‘Bad’
cholesterol that is present in our bodies.
Helps in red blood cells formation; which treats
Reduce body acidity; which help in ward off heartburn.
Rich in fiber, which prevent constipation problem.
Eye care and dental care. Protect eyes from muscular
degeneration, age-related weakening of vision and
Source of various minerals; Iron and Calcium which
strengthen bone density.
It helps in bringing the levels of cholesterol down in our
body by restraining various cholesterol-absorbing
Attempting to control Blood Pressure:
Sodium is mainly responsible for high blood
pressure.Black raisins are high in potassium, the most
efficient mineral that can significantly reduce the level of
the sodium in our body.
Successfully Treat Osteoporosis:
Calcium plays a vital role in maintaining our skeletal
system ‘s health. This mineral shortage can lead to
serious bone disorders such as osteoporosis.
Black raisins can improve our body’s calcium level and
help us effectively treat these diseases.
How to eat : eat directly

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Black Jumbo Raisin

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Black Jumbo Raisin

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