Dried Apricot


Definition : Apricots have a smooth velvety skin, soft flesh, and a naturally sweet
flavor. They are a rich source of vitamins, especially beta-carotene,
which is responsible for giving apricots their natural yellow-orange
Description: Apricot is an orange colored small fruit which has thin skin covering
soft and tangy flesh. Generally apricots are orange or yellow in color
having slight red tinge on a side. The taste resembles peaches and
plums. Seed which is often called stones is enclosed in a hard shell.
Benefit : rich Source of vitamins A : are extremely rich in carotenoids like beracaratene, which converts to vitamins a on your body. It is essential
ion supporting our immune system and promoting good eye health.
Vita e plays an important role in protecting the cardiovascular
system, nourishing our cells and aiding the heading process.
benefits of vita E : could reduce the risk of ;aver cancer in the meddle-aged
and older people. Its contains to support heart health and slow the
progression of eye damage in elderly patients.
powerful potassium : Essential mineral that stimulates brain function,
stabilizes blood sugar levels and regulates blood pressure.
iron : helps to deliver oxygen throughout our cells. Eating foods rich in
iron prevents fatigue and conditions like anemia in shish the blood
lacks healthy red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout the body.
The nutrients include potassium, calcium, vitamin A, phosphorus,
vitamin C and iron. These are the great source of vitamin A and
potassium. Its high fiber to volume ratio helps to provide relief from
constipation and promote diarrhea. Normally dried apricots do not
contain any added sugar with low glycemic index.
How to eat : eat directly like a snacks

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Dried Apricot

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Dried Apricot

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