A.v Pomegranate Concentrate ( pati delima ) 250 ml

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A.v Pomegranate Concentrate ( pati delima )

Definition : Pomegranate is a fruit in red color and it has many seeds
inside and the taste is sweet fruit
Description: pomegranate comes from syrup and easily to consume or
eat directly eat if from fruit also. One piece of
pomegranate it contains 40% vitamin C harian untuk
orang dewasa, bersama dan ianya juga mengandungi
folat, serat, kalium, niasin dan vitamin A dan E.
Benefit : 1) the best for pregnancy woman it can start when the first
2) it contains an Antioxidants
3) I can protecting heart
4) reduce the cholesterol
5) preventing from cancer and enhancing the prostate
6) highly nutrition
7) it make slow down the Alzheimer
How to eat : eat directly or you can pour into a cup of water and stir
and drink.
you may know Atherosclerosis — the build-up of cholesterol and fats in
the arteries — is a common cause of heart disease.
Pomegranate juice may help reduce low-density
lipoprotein cholesterol — “bad” cholesterol” — that
clogs arteries. It can also increase high-density
lipoprotein cholesterol — “good” cholesterol” — which
lowers the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

A.v Pomegranate Concentrate ( pati delima ) 250 ml

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A.v Pomegranate Concentrate ( pati delima ) 250 ml

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