Original Raw Walnut Nuts ( Kacang Walnut )


walnut :

Definition : A walnut is the edible seed of a drupe, and thus not a true botanical
nut. It is commonly consumed as a nut.
Walnuts are rounded, single-seeded nuts (stone fruits ), the walnut tree
commonly used after fully ripening. Following full ripening, the removal
of the husk reveals the wrinkly walnut shell, which is usually
commercially found in two segments.
The fruit is a spherical drupe with a green fleshy husk that opens at
maturity to reveal a nut. The nut consists of a hard lignified shell
containing a wrinkled kernel made up of two halves separated by a
Benefit : Can help gut and heart health
In walnuts may play an important role in altering the gut environment
in ways that impact disease outcomes, say researchers.Walnuts to their
diet enhanced beneficial gut bacteria linked to health benefits,
including reduced blood pressure and total cholesterol.

They help reduce blood pressure
The walnut experienced greater benefits than when they consumed a diet
with a similar fatty acid profile without walnuts. Outcomes included a
reduction in central diastolic blood pressure (the pressure that moves
towards the heart), and positive changes to cholesterol profiles.

Can benefit brain health
The walnuts had no effect on the cognitive function of healthy subjects,
brain MRIs showed that the nuts had a greater effect on higher-risk
people, including heavier smokers, and those with lower baseline
neuropsychological test scores.

Walnuts offer breast cancer protection
To consume either two ounces of walnuts per day or no walnuts for two to
three weeks prior to surgery. Initial biopsy samples were compared to
those obtained when the lumps were removed. Scientists found that
walnut consumption altered the expression of over 450 genes in the
tumors in ways that could suppress cancer growth and improve survival

More ways to enjoy walnuts
Add walnuts to smoothies or overnight oats at breakfast, sprinkle them
onto black bean or lentil soup at lunch, and include them in recipes like
veggie tacos and stir fries at dinner.
How to eat?
can eat directly like a snack or can use also for baking cake or buscuits

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Original Raw Walnut Nuts ( Kacang Walnut )

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Original Raw Walnut Nuts ( Kacang Walnut )

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